Regreening the earth without planting a single tree? 


In many areas of the world, people are suffering from the seemingly unstoppable spread of deserts. They are the first to feel the painful consequences of climate change: People lose their livelihoods and leave their homes - the loss of fertile land and trees also accelerates global warming - a vicious circle. 

But there is still hope: in many of these arid regions, such as the African Sahel, an underground forest lies dormant. Tree stumps, once cut down and forgotten, can be brought back to life with a little care and protection. With minimal effort, trees can grow within a very short time, protecting the soil and making the land fertile again. 

Millions of smallholders are already part of the so-called "FMNR movement" (Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration) - in the African country of Niger alone, over 5 million hectares have been revegetated and around 200 million trees have been grown. It is time to rewrite history together. It is time to green the earth together.


"Nothing is stronger than an idea whose time has come."

Viktor Hugo

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