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Sometimes simple solutions are the best answer to complex problems. Trees can be awakened with the following 4 steps: 

1. Observe the land:

Tree stumps that have been cut down and sprout new growth are usually mistaken for small bushes and are therefore ignored.

2. Select stumps: 

The number, type and use of trees varies from person to person - the decision always depends on individual needs.

3. Remove shoots
except 3-5:

To stimulate the growth of the tree, cut away all shoots except 3-5 of the strongest ones.

4. Protect and care:

A small red ribbon signals that the desired shoots should not be removed. In addition, new branches are pruned every two to six months.

The solution is at our feet


How trees create change ...

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Trees protect the soil from strong winds and drought. They cool the soil and cause more frequent rain.


They also filter exhaust gases and are a miracle cure in the fight against climate change. 

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Natural re-vegetation has enabled countless farmers to increase their harvest. In addition, trees provide food for livestock and a sustainable source of firewood. 

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The reality shows us, that many families, who once suffered from famine, have enough food now, even in drought years. Especially children are benefiting from the natural regeneration of trees, because they can go to school instead of searching for firewood. In many areas woman don‘t have to walk miles to the next well anymore, because natural springs have plenty of water again.
The dream of a better future is becoming a reality.