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School programs & public campaigns

We believe that we can regreen the earth through school programs and public campaigns. By bringing people together. To learn and to celebrate.

In Tanzania our partner LEAD foundation has already brought back over 10 Million trees together with Justdiggit. To ensure that this story of hope continues we have to engage the young generation: On Saturday we celebrated the launch of the Kiski Hai for School Program (KH4S) in Dodoma, the capital of Tanzania.

The program involves 45 schools in 3 different regions of the country.

We trained 70 teachers on how to bring back trees and vegetation on degraded land. We also distributed brand new school books about Kiski Hai / treecovery / FMNR.

It’s time to form a new generation of environmental heroes. The media, regional leaders, musicians and other stakeholders share this vision and took part at our event.

The national rap-icon Frida Amani performed her Song "Kiski Hai“ ("living tree stump"). Watch the song on YouTube:

Students are the land owners of tomorrow and have to be educated today. Whatever the future will bring: they have the tools to fight climate change and desertification. Let us awaken trees together!

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